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Tribal Queen's Bodyguard Hand Carved Mask

Tribal Queen's Bodyguard Hand Carved Mask

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Stand sentinel with the epitome of tribal loyalty: The Tribal Queen's Bodyguard Hand Carved Mask. This commanding piece showcases the stalwart protector of the tribal queen, capturing the essence of dedication and grandeur in every meticulous detail. With its prominent headgear, the mask exudes an air of authority, reminiscent of the bodyguard's significant role in the tribal hierarchy.


  • Dimension: Length: 1 Ft Width: 2 Inches Height: 3 Ft 4 Inches
  • Weight: 5-6 kg
  • Mount: Wall
  • Placement: Indoor
  • Colour: Natural Wood with White
  • Material: Suar Wood

Adorn your space with this magnificent tribute to tribal tradition, where each carving tells a story of valor and dedication. And for those passionate about tribal narratives, our collection has more to offer. Dive deep into tribal tales with our Tribal Jester Hand Carved Mask or witness the grace of the Royal Queen's Aide Hand Carved Mask, all housed in our exclusive Wooden Home Decor Collection.

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