About Us

Decor Corner offers a collection of aesthetically designed artifacts influenced by traditional Indonesian manufacturing techniques. Our unique products are loaded with geometrical patterns, unique shapes, tribal carvings, contemporary furniture, quirky interior decor elements etc.

Nature is the source of inspiration for all our products, we have as a team deep respect for the environment and try to communicate those emotions through our work. DC thrives to constantly offer a wide range of product styles created from finest raw materials by sustainably harvesting rattan, wood, bamboo, roots, river stones, quarry powder, wood pulp etc.

In a world of mass-produced goods where pricing is the only deciding factor, we stand by uniqueness, quality and creativity. On the Indonesian island of Bali, a new generation of designers, artists, and eco-entrepreneurs are integrating ancient skills with modern aesthetics to redefine home decor. We at DC will continually bring these products to the homes of our very own Indian customer through ecommerce.

Artwork and creativity has been a way of life for the Balinese people, their creations have begun to be known the world over due to the travel & tourism boom in & around Bali. DC is helping a new generation of artisan entrepreneurs to practice age old skills whilst professionally and proudly supporting their families. A constant among all Indonesian artisans is their bond with nature & the elegant use of natural raw material in their products.

We firmly adhere to sustainable practices whenever natural materials are used with all necessary licenses & approvals of the Indonesian government. DC does not employ or encourage child labour, either directly or indirectly. Our teams work six days a week, with additional overtime compensation as required. With this work culture, DC creates a nurturing space for the artisans to bring out their creative best.

From furniture to decorative pieces, we handle all the end to end procurement/production operations. Our team constantly monitors manufacturing processes, product finishes, transport, packing, product containerization and shipping to ensure negligible damage to the products.

Be it a major renovation or a quick refresh, DC offers everything you need to give your interior space a unique personality. From wooden furniture to stone decorative pieces, our products enrich your space the 'wow' factor. We got your exterior space covered too, you can add our Easter Island statue or set up a classy statue to elevate your outdoors into a stylish space. We are just a click away to help you handpick the products that you desire. We welcome you to explore our online decor store to experience the visual splendor of our unique products.