Q1: Outdoor products can they be used totally outdoor – open to sky?

A1: Outdoor products are treated to be kept at balconies, verandahs, sheltered terraces which are open but still covered with a roof from rain.

Q2: Indoor products can they used anywhere?

A2: Indoor products are treated for indoor conditions only; any exposure to the natural climatic elements will lead to deterioration in all forms. However Indian summers & winters are no problem at all.

Q3: Landscape products, what’s the difference with outdoor products?

A3: Landscape products can be left out – open to sky; there would surely be weathering & microbial growth over the years due to exposure, however it will only add to the overall uniqueness of the products. These products would require occasional cleaning.

Q4: ‘Little stuff’ what’s the difference with Indoor products?

A4: All our ‘Little Stuff’ collection is meant for interior/indoor decor, we have choosen to differentiate based on the value to aid impulsive buys, to spruce up the ‘little’ corners of your home!

 Q5: What does ‘no of persons needed to install mean’

A5: This is an approximate estimate of the number of adults that would be necessary to uncrate & install this product within your premises

Q6: Will all products look exactly in the picture?

A6: Most products utilise natural raw material, therefore mild variation in appearances & finishes is bound to be visible between products. More so because these products are individually handmade.

Q7: Will the DC team install the products at our premises?

A7: The DC team or it’s outsourced partners will deliver the product with the packing on the ground floor of the delivery address, the packaging will be opened (if covered packing has been used) and product shown to the customer for inspection for any visible damages etc. Thereafter it is the customer’s scope to move/install the product at the location of their choice.

Q8: What about guarantee/warranty for the products?

A8: All our products are handmade with high quality natural raw materials, with no moving parts, we can guarantee the products only upto the time of delivery, beyond that there would be no guarantee or warranty applicable. This is more from a practical perspective considering the nature of the product rather than running away from any responsibility. You can be rest assured that our products have passed all our quality checks, and they would enrich your premises for a long time to come.

Q9: All the wood that is used in the products, what wood is it?

A9: All our furniture collection is made of Grade A teak, with the Legal Wood certificate. The interior decor products since are individually sourced, are made of a wide variety of locally available wood like suar, sungei etc however finished by our team to suit the Indian conditions.

Q10: Would any maintenance be required for the products”

A10: Though no specific maintenance is needed, a periodical dusting, cleaning would help retain the finishes and improve the aesthetic life of the product.