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Rock Sculptures

Looking to elevate your space with unique artwork handcrafted by nature? Look no further than our curated selection of rock sculptures. As avid appreciators of the art form ourselves, we've handpicked an assortment from Indonesian artisans to spark your creativity. Browse sculptures hewn from natural stone, riverstone, lavastone, limestone and more - each showcasing the hidden treasures concealed within ordinary stones. Whether you're a collector seeking a statement piece or just starting your collection, we've got options for all styles at various price points. Abstract pieces to represent your modern flair or realistic carvings to complement a rustic lodge.

Rock Sculptures Product Lists

Category Product Name Dimensions Weight
Rock Sculptures Balancing Rock Sculptures Length: 1 Ft 1 Inch, Width: 8 Inches, Height: 1 Ft 8 Inches 10 kg
Rock Sculptures Rock Sculptures Fifa Length: 1 Ft 5 Inches, Width: 1 Ft, Height: 2 Ft 9 Inches 5-10 kg
Rock Sculptures Rock Sculpture - Waving Hands Length: 1 Ft 8 Inches, Width: 1 Ft, Height: 2 Ft 8 Inches 5-10 kg
Rock Sculptures Jizo Monk Statue Length: 2 Inches, Height: 4 Inches 2-3 kg

How to Choose the Right Rock Sculptures for Your Space

  • Consider the size and weight of the sculpture - large pieces may require a wall or sturdy shelf for support.
  • Inspect the type of rock used -some are heavier than others. Also think about weather resistance.
  • Look at the level of detail -simpler or more intricate designs.
  • Check the theme -options include animals, abstract shapes, spiritual figures etc. Pick one aligned with your aesthetic.
  • Examine craftsmanship quality and finishing - smooth polished surfaces or a more natural rough-hewn appearance.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Rock Sculptures

1. How do I clean rock sculptures?

Gently wipe smooth surfaces with a soft damp cloth. Avoid chemicals which could damage the stone's patina.

2. Are rock sculptures safe for touch?

Most interior sculptures have smooth polished edges but outdoor sculptures may have sharp points for authenticity. Handle with care.

3. Do rock sculptures hold their shape over time?

Natural stones are durable but weathering can mildly alter surface exterior. Rotated display indoors helps prevent uneven wear over decades.