Interior design ideas

Interior design ideas

Whether it's big mansions or small houses, one thing people notice when they enter is your interior space. Aesthetically designed interiors have a tremendous effect on people. It sets standards, evokes mood and enhances the setting. Planning for Interior design ideas for your home? Want to redesign your living space and make it livelier?

Decor plays a vital role in revamping your interiors into something phenomenal. It establishes an ideal standard that helps accomplish a harmonious interior. It’s tough to implement your Interior design ideas into reality for your ideal home. But we have a great pick for you.!

Decor Corner is a popular option for your interior design ideas. Come, let us delve into Decor Corner’s inspiring interior décor collections for your home, which complement your design ideas. 

  • Decor Corner’s cute little idol - Happy Young Monk

Looking for interior design ideas which bring transcendental tranquillity alongside you?

Décor corner has something exceptional to bring peace, as well as ornate. This all-white cute figure, made with concrete & fibre, symbolises happiness. Mainly this little idol brew peace within your house and serve its ideal interior décor purpose. You can spread your space with serenity with this idol.

This young monk is content to spend time indoors, in your garden, or even outside. Bring him home and transform your interiors with Zen vibes. 

  • Decor Corner’s blossoming showpiece - Flowers of Joy Mural Round (Extra small)

Decor Corner’s matte finish terracotta-orange murals are intricately intertwined with vines and blossoming flowers. If you ponder interior design ideas to establish a style statement, then this is your go-for! This can be incorporated into your interiors or even balconies. Place this décor in your interiors and observe the way it brings peace, as well as styling your interiors.

 A beautiful addition to décor your interiors which pleases everyone’s sight. This intimate standalone piece could serve your interior space.

  • Decor Corner’s showstopper showpiece- Natural Wooden Sculpture (Style 08)

Natural Wooden Sculpture is made with suar wood, highlighting the natural patterns to create a sleek look. This showpiece is all about twists and turns with the highlight of dark wood, leading us to intrigue. This piece of showpiece showcases luxury with a touch of modern look.

Decor Corner’s, this one-of-a-kind showpiece is mainly to serve your interior purpose and instantly amps up the contemporary look. If you wish to add a mystique look to your interior, then this helps you out! 

  • Decor Corner’s towering showpiece - Timor Tribal Hand Carved Oars (Large-Style 01)

Interior design ideas which turn your space with tribal vibes?

Yes, you read that right! 

 Timor Tribal Hand stands tall to row away humdrum at your house. 

Ever heard about the multipurpose décor which elevates your living place?

Our oars do that. This is skilfully created with Suar wood and abled for ornate as well spreading aura. Shades of natural wood and white are definitely, a classic addition to your interiors. Behold this towering classic carved showpiece and transform your interiors!

Thus, it's certain that Décor corner couples’ beauty and aesthetics with efficiency, to maximize the space, allowing a contemporary individual to reside in an appropriate environment.

There have been swelling needs for implementing the ideal interior design ideas. Unique interiors in this contemporary world are sparse. So, surround yourself with beauty with a touch of tradition. Decor Corner’s decors will delve into decorating your interiors with astounding decors. Every corner of your interiors will be stuffed with cheerfulness, as our decors will be transcending an optimistic aura, whilst still granting the grandeur look! 

Your Interior design ideas are ideally implemented with our decors! Spread your space with sprightliness! 

Happy decor your space!

Decor Corner’s Entwined Exception - Tree Of Life Hand-Woven Macrame


Are you wandering around looking for contemporary Interior design ideas to amplify the aesthetic appeal of your living space? Behold the intricately woven macrame, cross-stitched in the Tree of Life design. Hang it against a neutral wall or in front of a window, the white-meadow with vibrant beadwork adds an angelic vibe to your space. When the wind swooshes in, the white roots dangle, to infuse your home with warmth, character, and a touch of natural elegance. Our macrame never betrays you, when it comes to novel interior design ideas. 

Whether you're planning a complete redesign or simply looking to give your rooms or lounging areas a makeover, we’ve got you covered. Our showcased adornments are exclusive Interior design ideas that do an excellent job of aesthetically occupying your space. We offer a wide range of unique decorations, including wall products, landscape elements, furniture pieces, wall hangings, murals, and more, allowing you to set the desired mood and define the personality of your home. These design ideas serve as an inspiration to unlock your creative side when it comes to decorating.


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