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Whether you have just bought your first home, or living in it for decades, one thing which makes your place cheerful and lively is home décor; which is an indisputable fact! Decorated space, brings in an aesthetic atmosphere, which evokes an elevated feel.   

Decor plays a vital role in making your place, aesthetically pleasing as well useful. Traditionally influenced by Indonesian techniques, which cherish your culture is something exceptional. Searching for Home decor online can be a Himalayan task.

Are you someone who wants to make your space, spectacular? We are here to uncover a special place, which satisfies all your decor requirements. Wondering, which place? Control your curiosity, we are talking about Décor Corner - One of the best Home decor online, that you can spot-on! 

Come, and have a peek at some of our decors!

  • Terrazzo Planters

Spoting for Home decor online, which fits garden needs?

We have a perfect pick to locate your ideal thing which you will cherish forever. The off-white emerald green Terrazzo Planters are a great fit for your planters. Be it an indoor space, outdoor garden space or balcony, it fits everywhere and enriches your place. This is been made carefully, to ensure stands sturdy with a strong base and embraces the plants with its perfect fit.

  • Young Monk with receiving bowl

Ever heard of a cute idol, waiting to serve your needs? 

Look at our striking product- all white, young monk with a receiver, welcoming you cheerfully. As you enter your home and drop your things, the décor corner makes you get this cute visual sight. You can search for, “Home decor online”, but still our products remain on the top list. 

This little figure with a basin, made of concrete and fibre, would be an ideal multipurpose fit for your needs as it will enlighten your interiors as well serve its beautiful purpose! 

  • Petal pattern Handwoven Macrame

Finding out right Home decor online, with the right products is complicated. Don’t be concerned, that’s why we are exclusively for you! 

Something is swaying serenity on your way. Yes, it’s our distinctive shades of macrame, in our product list, waving the peacefulness. Petal pattern Handwoven Macrame is a tri-shade petal pattern, made with bamboo and cotton, to give a feather-like touch. The product is been made with traditional means, to ensure giving the good one for you.

Spread your indoors with stillness, whilst still décor your space. 

  • Timor Hand carved Oar (Small – style 06)

Are you hunting for Home decor online to find a great showpiece? Then this is yours. Timor

hand-carved oar, is a masterly carved, wood decorative showpiece to your walls. Mainly designed to row away your humdrum and nail its artistic presence at your home. 

Décor Corner makes sure to create the artefacts with the utmost care, maintaining the quality. Skilfully created to be in your showpieces. This one-of-a-kind oar is made with class, to give a classy impression on your home. 

Fascinated? Yes, our Home decor online store, has a range of products which speaks volumes, than we do. Behind all these products, is our consistent effort to serve your corners. In a world where pricing only matters, we stand out by serving uniqueness, creativity and quality.

Even small stuff of ours would make a huge impact in your space. Be it, Interior, or exterior we are there at every corner, to make it adorable. Go ahead by making a move, and make your corners, a talking point!  

A Fresh Look, a Happy Loving You! Give your home's nooks and crannies a makeover.

Décor Corner – The best Home decor online store to décor your corners aesthetically!

Meditating Frog - Large


We are your one-stop solution to bag your Home decor online with quirky and one-of-a-kind options. Crafted with attention to detail, our Meditating Frog is perfect for creating a calming atmosphere in your living room, or bedroom space. 

With us, you can spot frogs in peace, not in traditional green though, but in all-white, symbolising a touch of serenity. With our online presence, you can easily explore and purchase this distinctive home decor item from the convenience of your own residence. Revitalize your space by embracing the perfect blend of whimsy and tranquillity with our Meditating Frog. 


Wind Chime Natural


How does adding a visual charm and soothing sound to your space sound? When the wind swooshes in, the bamboo reed Wind Chime sways gracefully making a soft dangling noise that flows like a melody. Whether it's your garden, patio, or balcony, our Wind Chime's calming sounds and captivating movements create a serene ambience that uplifts your day. 


Does the sound of it make you want to grab them at a shot? 

Worry not, our Home decor online collection offers a variety of Wind Chimes and Macrame that adds to the authenticity and uniqueness of your space.

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